we are not what you think we are;
we are golden;


im halfway done with ONE PART of my stats assignment….. this sucks


start of a new arc at The Bell Blues! new readers can start here or catch up on Tapastic u3u

ideal relationship: me and my partner get along well and adopt a parrot


little confessions

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2k12 was a dark time

stop 4chords 2k12

two years ago i would tinychat w someone who ran a 4chords tavros askblog and someone who ran a separate gamzee askblog and some others….. i wonder what those ppl are doing now

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"arithmetic mean" because it doesn’t imply that "average" means majority.

thank u

fuck. i came on tumblr to check if my friends were online but now ive been here for like 30 minutes god dammit  im never going to get my fucking homework done and im so absolutely through with myself