we are not what you think we are;
we are golden;



This Korean MMO has the Most Intense Character Creator Ever

… and exactly HOW moist would you like your left eyeball to be?

god I can’t wait for Black Desert Online. I’m so glad it’s starting to show up more and more on my dash, that means more people are finding out about it. 


here’s a better video of my alarm clock

please turn me into a robot for fucks sake wtf



You seem to have dropped your long dogs there.

Weallacome to the RIBBONZ PARTY 9.7/10 (flapps Long Boddy in the breese)

there was a cricket on the floor and i thought it was a huge ass spider for a sec goddamn


All th other kids n their pumped up kicks





just a comparison between Suigimori’s official character art from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire  to the originals. The redesigns are pretty great in my opinion

This could sincerely be used in a cartooning class with the intent of teaching the importance of action lines and expressive characters.

if you tell me that even professional artists can’t improve and still want to improve and work their hardest to improve then i’m calling bs

Wattson still looks like a really cool grandpa who takes you to the arcade for fun and then beats your ass in at DDR


sometimes my emotion is just the word “fuckign” 

just think about it tho. you invited me into your gay ass clown rodeo you have to deal with the consequences

the repercussions of spreading the pbj… i have to imagine it with drarry

thelonelycrustacean replied to your post: thelonelycrustacean replied to your p…

8th year forced inter-house bonding activities. all 4 are put in one group and forced to do something dumb like camping. emotions but also dumb tacky fic tropes. /domesticity and porn/

Dont Do This

drop out of hs with me we’ll find jobs and live simple gamtav/drarry lives in the countryside. bring kyla

oh my god . im just imagining gamzee/tavros/harry/draco now tho. dont do this